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TPP Verified as an IPC-1752A Solution Provider

TPP is pleased to announce that we have again been verified as a solution provider of IPC-1752A Classes A, C, and D including the multi-layered structure in Class D.

The IPC-1752A standard is extensively used in the electronics industry for the transfer of compliance information throughout the supply chain for electrical and electronic products. This standard establishes a reporting format for data exchange between all supply chain participants and is XML-schema based. The standard is regularly updated and maintained by industry experts in order to meet changing requirements, legislation, and regulation.

In order to be verified, a solution provider must submit example XML files reporting IPC-1752A Class A, C, and/or D in either request/reply and/or distribute mode. Upon inspection by the review committee, the file may receive comment and be verified based on the following criteria:

  • File(s) must comply with IPC-1752A XML file format.
  • File(s) must use IPC-1752A lists of regulated substances and exemption correctly.

TPP provides a free IPC-1752 generator tool, as well as a paid version which includes additional features not available in the free tool.

Free IPC-1752A Generator

Have questions about the IPC-175x family of standards? Reach out to our sales team today to find out more about the suite of compliancy tools available at TPP.

Want to find out more about the solution provider review process? Visit the Materials Declaration Data Exchange Standards page for an explanation of each standard.