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TPP launches new IPC 1752A Generator

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TPP launches new IPC 1752A Generator


Fort Walton Beach, FL – May 31, 2018 – Total Parts Plus (TPP), a leading data provider for environmental compliance reporting, announces the launch of the new IPC 1752A Generator.


The IPC 1752A Generator was designed to complement the latest updates from Amendment 3 of the IPC Materials Declaration Management Standard, which include further alignment with IEC 62474 and enhancements to better facilitate transferring data between systems.


The generator will allow creation of Class A, B, C, or D declarations in either XML or PDF format, and users will now be able to store declarations and input data from an existing xml documents.  Declarations can be created in either Request/Reply or Distribute mode, allowing users to respond to specific customer requests or create declarations for general distribution.  Class D homogeneous material declarations can be manually entered or imported through an excel template.


“The features built into the IPC 1752A Generator will ease the burden of material declaration reporting and give users the flexibility to satisfy customer requirements a number of ways, and in multiple formats,” states Keith Biggs, CEO of TPP, “resulting in time savings for declaration creators who can now save and edit their IPC material declarations, and import data directly into the form.”


About Total Parts Plus:


Total Parts Plus (TPP) specializes in parts data content for product environmental compliance and lifecycle management. TPP’s data collection and validation services along with our suite of cloud-based applications provide a comprehensive solution for data analysis and compliance reporting.

TPP is dedicated to providing clients with a highly accurate, innovative, and cost-effective compliance reporting service. With close relationships to manufacturers, industry groups, and suppliers, TPP offers full compliance traceability, continued data management, and monitoring of legislative changes for the most accurate reporting.

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