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RoHS Compliance

The Challenge

RoHS is an EU directive that restricts the use of six substances in electronics and electrical equipment. Currently, exemptions allow for the continued use of these substances in certain applications. In March 2015, the EU revised RoHS and added 4 additional substances to the list. Compliance with the new substances will take effect 22 July 2019.

Staying current with changes to the RoHS directive involves dedicating resources to time consuming tasks including: surveying suppliers, conducting analytical research to identify RoHS restricted substances, validating data, and monitoring exemptions.

Our Services

BOM Analysis

Bills of Materials (BOMs) evaluation: normalize part numbers to identify BOM and where-used impact for non-compliant materials. Identify out of scope components and compliant alternates parts. Acquisitions and mergers monitored

Supplier Engagement

Suppliers are contacted for RoHS compliance data and supporting documentation for all BOM components. Compliance data is maintained and updated when changes occur.

Data Validation

Compliance data is reviewed for completeness and quality. Any inconsistent or incomplete data requires supplier follow-up for correction and/or clarification.

Compliance Reporting

On-Demand reporting: Generate certificates of compliance, perform gap analysis, identify non-compliant parts, track application and/or product specific RoHS exemptions, and access supplier documentation for compliance traceability.

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