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REACH Compliance

The Challenge

EU REACH regulation requires that companies disclose the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in articles when their concentration is greater than 0.1% by weight. The SVHC candidate list is updated every six months. SVHCs listed in the “Authorization List” (REACH Annex XIV) are not allowed to be placed on the market in the EU after their sunset date, unless an authorization has been granted for the specific use.

Complying with REACH requires dedicated resources to obtain supporting documentation from each supplier, every time new SVHCs are added to the candidate list. This documentation should be validated and compared to material declarations to identify the presence of SVHCs in order to report on SVHC concentrations above the threshold. SVHCs over the threshold must now be reported for every article contained in a product.

Our Services

BOM Analysis

Bills of Materials (BOMs) evaluation: normalize part numbers to identify BOM and where-used impact for reportable or restricted materials. Acquisitions and mergers monitored

Supplier Engagement

Suppliers are contacted to collect the most recent REACH data and supporting documentation, along with SVHC concentrations on all components.

Data Validation

Compliance data is reviewed for completeness and quality. Any inconsistent or incomplete data requires supplier follow-up for correction and/or clarification.

Compliance Reporting

Generate REACH compliance declaration, perform gap analysis, identify components containing authorized SVHCs, and access supplier documents for compliance traceability.

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