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Obsolescence Management Module (Parts Plus)

Manage Obsolescence Risk Proactively

Parts Plus is a web-based obsolescence management tool that allows users to track component information, providing risk mitigation solutions for product development, production, and sustainment.

Users can track part status, identify obsolete components, evaluate drop-in replacements and review second sources. Subscribers receive automated Product Change Notification (PCN) and End-of-life (EOL) product alerts for early warning on future obsolescence. With life cycle availability and BOM health analysis reports, Parts Plus provides a proactive and holistic approach to obsolescence management.


  • Automated PCN and EOL alert notifications
  • Predefined and custom reports
  • Usage summary report
  • End-of-life summary report
  • Second source and alternate mapping
  • BOM lifecycle analysis and forecasting
  • Access datasheets and PCN archive
  • Part availability projections



Product lifecycle projections

When products are designed, engineers must be aware which components have an increased risk of obsolescence over the product’s life. The Parts Plus health projection tool was developed to predict long-term parts availability and identify components with an elevated risk of obsolescence, providing users a proactive product lifecycle management tool to mitigate future obsolescence risk.

Automated PCN and EOL Alerts

Parts Plus monitors your suppliers for PCN and EOL notices, identifies the affected Bills of Materials, classifies the changes, and alerts you of component modifications that impact obsolescence or product functionality and compliance.

The PCN tool provides a turnkey solution from PCN release to resolution. Once an alert is received, customers can manage all notices from a single location where they can review PCNs and see affected BOMs and part numbers. Users can assign actions and share resolutions with team members to effectively address issues and mitigate risks affecting product manufacturing and sustainability. In addition, users can review current and historical notices through the PCN archive tool.

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