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What makes the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution Unique?

What makes the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution Unique?

The Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution is an online obsolescence management tool which offers users the opportunity to track component information. Through this, risk mitigation solutions can be provided for product development, production, as well as sustainment.

Developed by Total Parts Plus, Inc., the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Tool can be used for series of activities including tracking part status, identifying obsolete components, evaluating drop-in replacements and reviewing second sources. Some of the features of this tool that makes it unique compared to other solutions include:

Automated PCN and EOL alert notifications

The Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution features and automated PCN and EOL alert notification that notifies you prior to the occurrence of any future obsolescence. Your suppliers will be monitored by Parts Plus for PCN and EOL notices.

The solution helps to identify the affected bills of materials. After classifying the noticeable changes, it then notifies you of modifications in the component that affect obsolescence or product functionality.

In addition, the PCN tool provides a turnkey solution. After receiving the alert, all notices can be managed from a particular location.

As a user, you can also assign actions and share resolutions with other team members. Through this, any issue will be effectively addressed. Thus, making it possible to reduce risks that affect product manufacturing and sustainability.

Predefined and custom reports

Another unique feature is the predefined and custom report. The reports given by the Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution are predefined and customized in such a way that makes it easy to peruse the key elements of the info.

BOM lifecycle analysis and forecasting

Furthermore, there is also the BOM lifecycle analysis report and forecasting. This makes it possible for the solution to provide a proactive and holistic approach to obsolescence management.

In House accountability

In house personnel, must be one of the aspects that makes Total Parts Plus unique and highly efficient, allowing quick customer service and 100% accountability. Furthermore, bilingual technicians are directly contacting suppliers abroad to collect data on thousands of parts.

Other features include second source and alternate mapping, access datasheets and PCN archive, part availability projections and so forth.

The Parts Plus health projection tool was developed to predict long-term parts availability and identify components with an elevated risk of obsolescence, providing users a proactive product lifecycle management tool to mitigate future obsolescence risk.

If you are in search of the perfect solution that can track component information and mitigate against future obsolescence risk, the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution is the perfect fit to get the job done.