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European Commission Environment Director : Update

The European Commission Environment Director has issued another update. This is aimed at Annex III depending on the various field of application, so as to extend their validity.

These drafts will give the Member States up two twelve months to make necessary amendments. Once the period elapsed without any form of approval, the directives will have no option than to force their way into adopting and publishing the revisions. Once they force their way, it is expected that the revision will come into force the following day.

During this period, suppliers and manufacturers will have to review compliance documentation so as to show the newly revised exemptions.

In addition, it is expected that this batch will include action on Annex III exemptions 7(c)-II, 7(c)-IV, 8(b), 15, 21, 29, 32 and 37. The comment period will open until the 15th of March.

– Below is the full list. It has been summarized, with links to comment and actual drafts pages appropriately included.

Although, it is important to note that the expiration dates will start in July 2021. Companies can apply for renewal 18 months prior to the expiration date. Thus, you only have less than two years to process applications for replacement or renewal technologies.

A new study to “reform the current approach which is used to identify and assess substances for likely constraints under RoHS 2” and evaluate seven substances for potential addition:

tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBPA)
diantimony trioxide
Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (MCCPs) indium phosphide
nickel sulphate and nickel sulfamate beryllium and its compounds
cobalt dichloride and cobalt sulphate

The majority of these substances are widely used. Click here to visit the website of the Commission on this “2018 Review”. Check out TPP’s website to stay informed about the status of important topics such as these.