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SAVE THE DATE – RBA and RMI Annual Conference 2019

Total Parts Plus will be attending the 11th Annual Conference of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) held October 21 and 22 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Jose, California.   As RBA’s biggest event of the year, this conference will focus on corporate social responsibility in global […]

Final Report for assessment of two RoHS exemption requests (Pack 16) published

The final report on the study to assess two exemption requests in Annexes III and IV to the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) have been prepared by Oeko-Institut e.V and peer reviewed by Fraunhofer Institute IZM and published on the European Commission’s CIRCABC website as well as on Oeko’s own website. The report was prepared under the […]

18 SVHCs proposed for authorization

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has on October 1st, recommended 18 substances of very high concern (SVHCs) to be included in REACH Annex XIV, the Authorisation List. The substances are toxic for reproduction, endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic, very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB) or respiratory sensitisers or a combination thereof. The substances have been included in […]

ECHA Releases Requirements for Upcoming SCIP Database

Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive requires suppliers of articles which contain an SVHC above the REACH threshold of 0.1% w/w to provide, at a minimum, the name of the SVHC(s) present per Article 33 of the REACH Regulation.   On September 9th, 2019 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) released a guide regarding the […]

New RoHS Directive Amendment and Category 11 Product Type

On Monday, 22 July 2019, EU Directive 2015/863 added 4 new restricted substances as well as product Category 11 to the original list of 6 substances and original 10 categories laid out in Directive 2002/95/EC and amended by Annex II of Directive 2011/65/EU. What does that really mean for manufacturers and importers? The new directive […]

Four New Substances Added to the REACH Candidate List of SVHCs

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added an additional four substances to the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), bringing the total number of SVHCs to 201 as of July 16th, 2019.  The four new substances are added based on their reprotoxic and endocrine disrupting characteristics amongst other potentially hazardous effects to […]

China RoHS2

The Chinese agencies SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) and MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) have released the long-awaited Voluntary Certification Implementation Rules as of May 22, 2019. These rules, which are based on product type, were created to ensure the validity and consistency of the China RoHS2 self-certification process regarding environmental compliance […]

TPP Application Update

TPP has added an XML API feature for the reporting of RoHS II (2011/65/EU) compliance including the amendment added by Directive (EU) 2015/863. The change was implemented in the TPP XML API test account May 23rd, 2019 to allows customers to implement the feature before the amendment takes effect July 22nd, 2019. The attribute RoHS10 […]

TPP verified as an IPC 1752A WAM 1, 2 & 3 solution provider 2018

The IPC 1752A standard is used extensively for communicating compliance information throughout the supply chain for electrical and electronic products. To meet changing industry requirements and legislation, the standard is regularly updated and maintained by industry experts. IPC introduced an annual review process for solution providers in 2014 in which a review committee of industry […]

RoHS project, Pack 17 – Assessment of three exemption requests

A project assessing three exemption requests with regards to the RoHS directive’s Annex IV has been initiated by Oeko-Institut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology. The Annexes of the directive are to be adapted based on scientific and technical progress as outlined in Article 5 and the Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission has requested […]

Are you ready for the inclusion of phthalates to RoHS2?

As adopted 31 March 2015, the European Commission Delegated Directive (EU) 2015/863 will take effect this year, amending annex II of Directive 2011/65/EU to include four phthalates. From 22 July 2019 the four phthalates Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) will be restricted under RoHS2 for all […]

Cobalt- Updates Regarding Reporting and Restriction

At the end of 2018, the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) released version 1.1 of the Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT) following the findings of a working group formed in 2017 focusing on the responsible sourcing of cobalt. Reports made prominent concerns over child labor and unsafe working conditions in the cobalt mining industry. The CRT was […]

SAVE THE DATE – ITI & IPC Roadshow 2019

ITI & IPC Conference on Emerging & Critical Environmental Product Requirements Dates have been announced for the yearly roadshow co-hosted by the IPC and ITI Associations. The roadshow consists of a series of lectures from leaders in the industry and addresses multiple topics concerning global environmental regulations and issues. TPP will again be sponsoring the […]

6 New Substances added to the Candidate List of SVHCs

Six additional substances have been included in the EU REACH regulation’s Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Candidate List, now totaling 197 SVHCs: – 2,2-bis(4′-hydroxyphenyl)-4-methylpentane (CAS 6807-17-6) – Benzo[k]fluoranthene (CAS 207-08-9) – Fluoranthene (CAS 206-44-0; 93951-69-0) – Phenanthrene (CAS 85-01-8) – Pyrene (CAS 129-00-0; 1718-52-1) – 1,7,7-trimethyl-3-(phenylmethylene)bicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-one (CAS 15087-24-8) The substances were added due to their […]

Join Total Parts Plus at the 2018 DMSMS Event in Nashville, TN

Join Total Parts Plus at the 2018 DMSMS Event in Nashville, TN ————————————————————– Total Parts Plus is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the DMSMS Event at Nashville’s Music City Center December 3 – 6, 2018. The Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) event is an annual event that focuses on […]

10 New Substances added to the Candidate List of SVHCs

ECHA has added 10 additional substances to the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHCs), bringing the total substances to 191. With toxic properties ranging from Persistent, Bioaccumulating, and Toxic (PBT); very Persistent and very Bioaccumulating (vPvB); respiratory sensitizing; or reproduction and endocrine-disrupting, the below substances were added to the Candidate List for […]

TPP launches new IPC 1752A Generator

Total Parts Plus, Inc. 70 Ready Avenue, NW Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548 Phone: (850) 244-7293   For Immediate Release TPP launches new IPC 1752A Generator   Fort Walton Beach, FL – May 31, 2018 – Total Parts Plus (TPP), a leading data provider for environmental compliance reporting, announces the launch of the new […]

TPP to sponsor ITI & IPC Conference on Emerging & Critical Environmental Product in June 2018

May 2018 Keeping up with ever-expanding environmental regulations and issues can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Total Parts Plus is pleased to announce their joint sponsorship of the ITI & IPC Conference on Emerging & Critical Environmental Product Requirements.   Leading industry professionals will offer updates on trends and what to expect on […]

EU REACH: Restricted Substances List Receives Three New Entries

  ECHA has updated the REACH Annex XVII Restricted Substance list to include three new substances.  Updated on 8 May 2018, the list of restricted substances now contains 71 individual entries. Companies will be expected to gather information from their suppliers to determine if any of the substances are contained in their products and if […]

REACH 2018 Questions and Answers Webinar

REACH 2018 Questions and Answers Webinar Do you still have unanswered questions regarding the upcoming Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) 2018 deadline of 31 May 2018? The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is offering an online Q & A session that will cover all aspects of the upcoming registration.   The webinar is […]

New* RoHS project to assess the substances currently restricted under Directive 2011/65/EU

A new RoHS project to assess the substances currently restricted under Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), as well as evaluate a request for a new Annex III exemption has been started. The two-part project, Pack 15, being led by the Oeko-Instritut and Fraunhofer IZM, includes Part 1: Substance restriction and Part 2: Exemption evaluation. Part 1 […]

New version of CMRT is available for download – Version 5.11

The latest version of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) is now available for download from Responsible Minerals Initiative – RMI. Version 5.11 includes several updates and corrections. Changes from the previous 5.10 version to 5.11 include: Corrections to bugs and errors Update to ISO country, state and province lists. Enhancements which do not conflict […]

Product Compliance –  2018

Product Compliance –  2018 The European Union (EU) REACH Regulation updates in 2017 included a lot of new substances. The Environmental Protection Agency also started to implement several amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act of the United States. There are series of regulatory changes that are expected to occur in 2018. In-scope companies will […]

European Commission Environment Director : Update

The European Commission Environment Director has issued another update. This is aimed at Annex III depending on the various field of application, so as to extend their validity. These drafts will give the Member States up two twelve months to make necessary amendments. Once the period elapsed without any form of approval, the directives will […]

SGS: EU Publishes on RoHS 2

SGS: EU Publishes on RoHS 2 The RoHS 2 Directive (EU) 2017/2102 has been issued by the EU. This will help provide more information as regards the scope of application as well as the exemption validity period. The directive was issued on the 21st of November, 2017 to help amend 2011/65/EU on RoHS 2. On […]

Seven Substances Proposed for Authorization by ECHA

As a way of ensuring the quality of materials used for production, ECHA has proposed seven additional SVHCs be added to the REACH Authorization List. These seven substances have been made a priority from the Candidate List due to their fundamental properties. As the substances are used extensively, this extensive use can constitute a threat […]

Seven new substances added to the Candidate List, entry for bisphenol-A updated

Latest REACH Regulation Updates – TPP As the New Year unfolds, a lot of changes are being anticipated by the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation. Member State Committee of ECHA has come to an agreement to include seven new substances to the already existing Candidate List of the substances of very […]

New Version of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template Version (CMRT) Released

New Version of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template Version (CMRT) Released The new version of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template version (CMRT) has been released. The 5.10 CMRT was released on December 1, 2017 by Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI). The 5.10 CMRT is an update from the 5.01 CMRT released in June 2017. Changes and […]

Registration Statistics deadline 2018*

REACH 2018 Update to REACH 2018 statistics – 12 000 registrations submitted for the last deadline The statistics about the registrations for the May 2018 deadline have been updated. 12 131 registrations have been submitted for 5 596 substances. The biggest number of registrations were recorded from Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Registration statistics […]

TPP to Implement CMM 4.1 Enhancement |  Conflict Minerals Reporting

  TPP to Implement CMM 4.1 Enhancement  Conflict Minerals Reporting   TPP is enhancing the CMM 4.1 application with the addition of the CMRT Module for Conflict Minerals reporting. The CMRT Module gives users access to supplier CMRT and Conflict Minerals statements as well as all relevant Supplier and Smelter information, and supply chain response […]


If уоu’rе a Cаlifоrniа rеѕidеnt оr уоu’vе purchased supplements from Cаlifоrniа, by nоw уоu’vе рrоbаblу ѕееn the Prор 65 wаrning lаbеl that’s рlасеd оn thousands of рrоduсtѕ.   Thеѕе labels аrе infаmоuѕ fоr their ѕеvеrе wаrningѕ and it’ѕ only nоrmаl tо bе соnсеrnеd whеn you ѕее ѕuсh wаrningѕ on a label. Hоwеvеr, thе рrоduсtѕ fоrсеd […]

Update on REACH Annex XVII Restricted Substances?

In the bid of REACH to ensure that only safe and healthy substances are circulated on the European market, a recent list was released to the Annex XVII. Below are the recent update on the substances restricted by REACH in the Annex XVII as of 30 August 2017, containing the list of substances, mixtures, and […]

Reach Annex XIV Updated: 12 Substances Given Sunset Dates

The total number of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) now reaches 43 as the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recently added another 12 new SVHCs to its Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals list (otherwise known as the REACH Annex XIV List). This latest addition took place by July, 2017 following a previous meeting […]

What makes the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution Unique?

What makes the Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution Unique? The Total Parts Plus Obsolescence Solution is an online obsolescence management tool which offers users the opportunity to track component information. Through this, risk mitigation solutions can be provided for product development, production, as well as sustainment. Developed by Total Parts Plus, Inc., the Total Parts […]

REACH Annex XVII: REACH Restricted Substance List 2017

The REACH Annex XVII regulation contains the list of substances, mixtures, and articles that are considered hazardous to be used or marketed on the European market. Substances can be restricted individually, as part of a mixture or in an article. The restrictions also cuts across substances that do not need to be registered. The list […]

Echa Warns of Upcoming Compliance Checks for Restricted Substances

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recently released a list containing 29 substances considered hazardous by the organization. There are certain plans on ground that substances on the list will be targeted by the organization during the concluding months of 2017. The ECHA has now given registrants the opportunity to evaluate and assess their appropriate registration […]

Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH)

The need for safety has made it a necessity for manufacturers, downstream users, and importers to classify and label any substance or mixture that is considered hazardous. This will help ensure that human health and the environment are well protected. The classification and labelling of hazardous substances that are considered dangerous to a large extent […]

The value of Environmental Compliance data using Total Parts Plus

The value of Environmental Compliance data using Total Parts Plus  We all know that individuals and companies need to make more efforts to be eco-friendly. Whereas there are very few rules for individuals, there are many for businesses. No matter where you are in the US, your facility most likely needs to comply with environmental […]

European Commission Extends Three RoHS-2 Exemptions

Despite the numerous extension applications submitted to the European Commission concerning exemptions applicable to product categories 1-7 and 10 of the EU RoHS-2 Directive which was set to expire on July 21, 2016, the exemptions are going to remain in effect until the commission is finally able to make its decision on the extension applications […]

EU Restricts PFOA and Related Substances under REACH

In it official journal on June 14, 2017, the European Commission (EU), has released measures to regulate Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) with its salts and certain PFOA related substances. This newly published Regulation (EU) 2017/1000 amended the EU REACH Annex XVII by including a new entry 68 to it and will be applicable from July 4, […]

The California’s Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has finally released new “Safe Harbor” warning regulations for Proposition 65 after considering them for more than a year.

The California’s Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has finally released new “Safe Harbor” warning regulations for Proposition 65 after considering them for more than a year.The intention of the new regulations is to provide consumers “more specificity” about the contents of chemical products sold in California.  The regulations will take effect by August 30, 2018 and […]

Total Parts Plus has a NEW & IMPROVED Look!

Total Parts Plus is pleased to announce a new look for our website. The old site has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a mobile-friendly and responsive design to better showcase TPP’s data research services and web-based environmental compliance and obsolescence management tools. To ensure a seamless transition for existing customers, the account […]